Machined Titanium Bolt

Machined Titanium Bolt

Here's some news! We are in the testing process of a new product! This is a titanium bolt for the Ruger 1022 which we have been working on recently. 

What sets this bolt apart from your standard cast bolt is that its half the weight, precision machined, and very durable. 

Why does this make a difference? 

With a bolt this light you are able to shoot different velocities of rounds with no damage to the bolt its self. Its light enough to shoot low velocity rounds such as CCI, and durable enough to shoot standard and high velocity rounds. 

Our precision machine work and some key features also makes this bolt predictable. With a smooth surface and pin for keeping the firing pin right on the rim helps to ensure smooth shots and prevent jams. 

We are taking our time with testing to ensure we provide a quality product for our customers. We plan to provide upcoming videos of our bolt to show off more of its features and to show it in action! 

Stay tuned!

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